Ogmore Castle results and standings after first fixture

The first fixture of the BCRL 2019 was the Ogmore Castle race organised by Bridgend AC.

Team Results from Fixture 1

1st – Ogmore Phoenix                353
2nd – Bridgend AC                        427
3rd – Brackla Harriers                 478
4th – Porthcawl Runners           563
5th – Cornelly Striders                 847
6th – Pencoed Panthers               1213

Individual Standings (age graded scoring)


1 Deb Roberts – Porthcawl Runners 70.18%

2 Catherine Stephens – Bridgend AC 68.63%

3 Georgie Dando – Bridgend AC 67.90%


1 Richard Dando – Bridgend AC 72.75%

2 Mark Emery – Bridgend AC 70.88%

3 Jeff Thomas – Bridgend AC 70.76%

Results are the average of your best 4 over the series. Full results can be found over on the results page here. This includes age categories standings split into 5 year categories. The top 10 from each category at the end of the season will be read out in the end of season presentation.


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