Festive 4


The Festive Four is a fun competition to promote running in the Bridgend area over the Festive period, open to all members from running clubs within the 2020 Bridgend County Running League. [Club vests are compulsory at each event]
With a lack of physical events we’ve made the decision to use what physical events we can-
The competition is based on Tour de France style categories, combining the results of four stages:
Parkrun 18th December – any parkrun of your choice (free)
Boxing Day Run – Lions/Porthcawl Runners Hi-Tide Race (will post a link to entries once it opens)
New Years Day Run – any parkrun of your choice (free)
Parkrun 8th January – Porthcawl parkrun only (free)
Prize Categories
Yellow Jersey: Fastest aggregate time for Man & Woman over four chosen events.
White Jersey: Fastest aggregate age adjusted time for Man & Woman over four chosen events.
Green Jersey: Best Man & Woman with aggregate time as a ratio to Seasons Best 5k time.
Polka Dot Jersey: Spot Prize category based on many different criteria.
Taking part momentos will be presented on 8th January at Porthcawl parkrun and prizes will be presented at a later date.
Entries to the Festive Four (not the actual events) costs £10 and if you enter before December 1st you can choose between a T-shirt and a mug (these can be collected from the Porthcawl parkrun on January 8th).

Follow this website and https://www.facebook.com/FestiveFour/ for results and updates.

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