Festive 4


The Festive Four is a fun competition to promote running in the Bridgend area over the Festive period, open to all members from running clubs within the 2022 Bridgend County Running League. 

The competition is based on Tour de France style categories, combining the results of four runs:

TWO 5k runs

These are to be run on December 24th and December 31st.

  • 24th December – ANY parkrun nationwide*
  • 31st December – Nos Galon or ANY parkrun nationwide*

* At least one run MUST be  Porthcawl / Maesteg, you can run them twice. 

A Boxing Day run

Choose between

  • HiTide (enter HERE) or
  • Glyn Neath 5 mile (entry HERE)

A New Years Day run

Choose between

  • Prince of Wales 3.7 mile (entry HERE) or
  • Old Father Time 5 mile (Vets only, entry  HERE)

Where there is a choice of events and the distances are not equal the times will be proportioned to even them out.


Yellow Jersey: Fastest aggregate time for Man & Woman over four chosen events.

White Jersey: Fastest aggregate age adjusted time for Man & Woman over four chosen events.

Green Jersey: Best Man and Best Woman with aggregate time as a ratio to Season’s Best 5k time.

Polka Dot Jersey: Spot Prize category based on many different criteria.


Taking part mementos for ALL entrants and prizes will be presented on 14th January 2023 after the Porthcawl parkrun.

Follow this website and https://www.facebook.com/FestiveFour/ for results and updates.

Entries to the Festive Four (not the actual events) will be £10, we are getting sponsorship from Hunters Estate Agent and all profits from the event will be donated to Llamau. 



Follow this website and https://www.facebook.com/FestiveFour/ for results and updates.


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